Welcome to the Camel House, Lanzarote

Enjoy unique concerts and exhibitions

and discover a picturesque place in the “style of Lanzarote”

About twenty years ago, Sir Ernest Hall, pianist, art lover and successful businessman, converted a two-hundred-year-old camel barn into a welcoming concert hall. As a result, great concerts and meetings were held with artists from all over the world. We would like to continue this tradition and expand it with various kinds of events,

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Whether you are Canarian, a resident or a tourist holidaying in this beautiful island, we are waiting to welcome you to our next event.

If there is no event at the moment, come back and try again in a few days. If you like, you can follow us on Facebook where we will keep you informed about new events and exhibitions.



Here you will find all upcoming Events which are planed for Camelhouse Lanzarote

The hosts

Danielle & Roland

The new owners of the CAMEL HOUSE, Danielle and Roland, invite you to experience different and unique events in this very special place. With their love for art and also for the island of Lanzarote, both of them are waiting to welcome you, the guests, as much as the artists. It is a pleasure for them to see people meeting at the CAMEL HOUSE and enjoying cultural events together. It is also an honour for them to continue on the marvellous path that Sir Ernest Hall set out on here.

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